India’s Top 50 Marketers Awards 2010 : Ageless Brands – 5.Fevicol

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From ‘Dum laga ke haisha’ to Moustache campaign to the famous ‘cook and egg’ TVC, the brand kept bringing surprise elements of fun and humour to each of its new campaign

In an unbranded, unorganised, low involvement and low cost product segment of adhesive, there is only one brand that rings the bell – Fevicol. According to industry estimates, Fevicol in the adhesive market has 60 per cent share and is the leader in the mentioned product category.

The brand is at No 5 position in the Ageless Brands category, in the Pitch India’s Top 50 Marketers Awards.

Prabhakar Jain, Global CEO, Fevicol Division, says that the brand has been consistently evolving for last fifty years to keep in tune with its target customers. The brand positioned itself as an ultimate adhesive that could produce amazing results.

“Staying relevant is everything for a brand. Times change and accordingly the brand must evolve so that it is well tuned to consumer’s psyche. Today, Fevicol is synonymous with bonding. This is because of a strong customer connect through product and marketing innovations practised for the last 50 years which has resulted in a relationship based on high degree of trust,” Jain says.

For decades now, Fevicol has glued its target group and others through its witty and humorous ads. From ‘Dum laga ke haisha’ to Moustache campaign to the famous ‘cook and egg’ TVC, the brand kept bringing surprise elements of fun and humour to each of its new campaign. “Consistent message through our advertising over the years has helped in establishing Fevicol as a generic brand in the category and making it synonymous with bonding,” says Jain, adding, “Indians have an innate sense of value for money. Also, emotions matter very much in Indian context. Fevicol has always focused on establishing relationship with customers and trade partners.”
In early 1990s, Fevicol had an advertisement, where two groups of people would unsuccessfully try to pull apart a chair joint by Fevicol. The ad was further extrapolated to two elephants trying to do the same, which is the logo of the brand.  So the basic proposition had been of sticking things together. Building bonds became the Fevicol characteristic. Intelligent humour in the advertisements created memorable and award winning ads.

But being the leader in the category and becoming the generic to the category have its own share of challenges, admits Jain.  “Flawless execution of an idea or strategy is indeed a very difficult proposition for a brand like Fevicol which has become generic to the category. The biggest challenge is to understand and adapt to the changing trends, life style and unique needs of the consumer and coming out with unique products and solutions that would make the life of consumer much easier. Being a market leader, we need to evolve the market in the right direction resulting in generation of higher value, satisfaction, and trust to the consumer,” he says.

Jain believes that these challenges bring together enormous opportunities as well. “These challenges open the door for big opportunities. It throws new business ideas through which Fevicol can influence the life of a consumer in a much bigger way. One such strategy for Fevicol in recent times, which has received a good response is introduction of a waterproof adhesive, Fevicol Marine. This variant addresses the need of the growing trend of waterproof plywood usage,” says Jain.

Taking a 360 degree round, the Pidilite Industries flagship adhesive brand travelled back in time in its latest advertisement to introduce the new product that worked underwater. The advertisement had its trademark wooden chair back again being pulled by the boatmen in Kerala backwaters.

But again, the core idea remains the same. It narrates its consumers to experience the same strength of the brand underwater as well. The ad reiterates ‘Fevicol ka jod hai, tootega nahi’.
Indrajit Nattoji, who directed Fevicol’s latest TVC, says, “The creative for Fevicol look at taking the legendary “majbooti” of Fevicol to a much larger scale.”

Riding high on its trust quotient among audience, Fevicol plans to enhance its brand engagement with consumers further. “Moving forward we would like to engage with the customers at a much deeper level which will further strengthen the trust quotient. Enhanced brand engagement with the customers will also result in better products and solutions tailor made for emerging needs of the consumers. Staying relevant to a customer is all about staying connected to customers and acting on the feedback received,” says Jain.

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