AI without any human element is not the right way to go: Priyanka Gill, Good Glamm

At the Goafest conference 2023, e4m spoke to the founder of Good Glam Group on topics concerning the brand’s marketing and advertising strategies, inside stories and much more

by Kanchan Srivastava
Published - June 05, 2023
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AI without any human element is not the right way to go: Priyanka Gill, Good Glamm

“Brand purpose is immensely important because that is what gives a brand the right to win and spy. Brands can’t plan their marketing and advertising strategies without a well-defined purpose. Across all our brands, we work very hard to find both brand voice and purpose,” says Priyanka Gill, Group Co-founder of Good Glamm Group and CEO of the Good Media Co.

While the Good Glamm Group, previously known as MyGlamm, has become India’s first beauty commerce startup to turn a unicorn, its media entity Good Media Co is a collective of homegrown digital media platforms including POPxo, ScoopWhoop, BabyChakra & MissMalini Entertainment.

On the sidelines of the Goa Fest, Gill (42), who is a former journalist, spoke to e4m about how the brand’s marketing and advertising plans are different from its competitors', how the brand prepares a roadmap towards evolving media landscape, how AI is influencing the content market, how to plan a marketing strategy that can fulfill the diversified audience demands in India and why and how a brand’s purpose plays a lead role in shaping brand’s future.


How do you plan to position Good Glamm Group and Good Media Co as leaders in the personal care and media segment respectively?

We have done a great job in uniquely positioning the Group as our content creators, commerce and communities performed extremely well. A few things that set us apart in the market are: our access to some of India’s leading brands, access to four of India’s largest social media platforms that reach over 150 million users every month, access to good creative largest influencer platforms, which reach over 1.5 million influencers.

Furthermore, we have good communities, through which we find personal ways to connect with our users at a very deep level. We are well–versed in our priorities which help us in positioning our brand as Good Glam Group and Good Media Co.

After delving deep into the data, we found that there are in total 350 million social media users in the country and 150 million of them consume our content in any given month.

How do you differentiate the company's offerings from competitors in terms of product quality, innovation, and customer experience?

As Good Media Crew, we allow a one-stop shop for brands because, through POPxo, we access the young female audience. With Missmalini, we access Bollywood lovers, which is a very large number in the country. With ScoopWhoop, we access the older news-loving audience. This gives us a very interesting content mix.

When brands come to us, they can build their marketing campaigns across all these different media platforms at the same time without having to use different platforms. I think that's a great value proposition that we add. Also, these platforms can work together. You can run a concentrated campaign, or consolidated campaign across all the platforms, which I think is an exciting value proposition. We're looking forward to working with brands to do exactly the same.

How do you differentiate your product offerings from competitors?

Each product and each brand that we have has a unique and sharp viewpoint, which we articulate to the user. We harvest our products organically and we're talking about the purest nature, how it is certified and it is a true kind of a natural product because it's organic and non-certified organic.

How do you navigate the evolving media escape landscape to stay ahead in the industry?

I think the idea is just too kind to embrace the trends that come and make sure that you can use them within your processes and not be faced with new things that are coming.

There's a lot of concern about how generational AI will kill content creators. What are your thoughts on this?

I don't think that's going to happen. I feel that AI is a great enabler and technology is the best enabler out there. When Google made the library of search, people thought that ist end of journalism. Now, we use Google without a second thought. So I don't think we'll be too far where we're using generational AI to help us become better writers and content producers.

How are you using generational AI in your media offerings?

It is fantastic research for us. It gives you inputs that can then be crafted by the human into a much more content piece because you always need that human element and input to make any content piece sharper. So if you're going to write an entire article using generational AI without any human editing, I'm not sure that's the right way to go.

How do you plan your marketing strategy that suits the cultural nuances of India?

We have access to a lot of data that can be used to solve the brand’s problems and to come up with innovative ideas. While executing the campaigns, we focus more on the performance of the campaigns. We also make sure that the brand is delivering the brand’s objectives concerning sustainability as an important factor.

Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about the environment and sustainability. How sustainable are your products?

As a brand, we are personally responding to them. Our products are PETA certified, so we are cruelty-free. The consumer demand is the best innovator out there. Once there's a demand from the consumer side, all brands are trying to meet overall expectations of consumers.

At Goa fest, panelists discussed how solely depending on consumers’ love for your brands may not help, because many consumers don’t stick to one brand. Rather, they have brand preferences now.

The brands have to work very hard to be loved by consumers. People cannot keep on loving FMCG consumer products unless you work hard on it. Every time a customer goes shopping, she has all the choices available. Yet, she chooses her favourite one. I feel brand love is equally important. It is the job of a brand to try and build that in as many people as possible.

(Transcribed by Tanya Dwivedi)