Pidilite’s Roff partners with Pro Kabaddi League 2023

Partnership reflects brand’s messaging of long-lasting bonds and strength

by Team PITCH
Published - December 08, 2023
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Pidilite’s Roff partners with Pro Kabaddi League 2023

Roff, a leading tile adhesive brand in India from the house of Pidilite Industries Ltd., has officially partnered with the highly acclaimed Pro Kabaddi League 2023. This collaboration marks a strategic move for Roff to expand its reach to a diverse set of audience, reinforcing its position in the market and gaining global recognition.

Says Manish Dubey, Chief Marketing Officer, Pidilite, "We're excited about Roff’s partnership with the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) 2023 as we find a strong brand connection with PKL. The core brand promise of strong grip (that Roff has on tiles to walls) very well resonates in the game of Kabaddi. This connection made PKL very attractive for us”.

Roff's collaboration with the Pro Kabaddi League presents a remarkable opportunity to tap into the profound love and popularity that Kabaddi commands in India. Pidilite Roff products represent a fusion of advanced technology and local expertise on a global scale. Pro Kabaddi League in its 10th year now has transformed the landscape of kabaddi with innovative changes, turning it into a sport that inspires both players and fans across the globe. The 2023 Pro Kabaddi League began on December 2nd, 2023, in Ahmedabad, with subsequent matches taking place in each franchise's respective home cities.

The brand aims to maximize its visibility through a comprehensive plan, strategically placing features such as squeeze-ups (one per match), static LED perimeter boards, upper-tier branding, replay screen branding, and logo displays during crucial moments like presentations, award ceremonies, and end slates.

As a part of the innovation, Roff brand is visible across multiple touchpoints like ‘Super Tackle' segment of the game, during both occurrences of a super tackle and potential super tackle situations.

The commentary also continues to further accentuate Roff's exceptional bonding strength, embedding its tagline, 'Magar ki Jakad.' This integrated approach aims to strengthen Roff's association with the Pro Kabaddi League and enhance its brand presence during key league moments.