Team India’s wins broadcaster’s loss?

If a match is one-sided and ends early, the broadcaster can compensate the advertisers by offering slots in other games. However, if all or most of the matches end quickly, the revenue may suffer

by Team PITCH
Published - November 15, 2023
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Team India’s wins broadcaster’s loss?

Team India is having a dream run of sorts in the ongoing ICC World Cup, securing nine wins from the nine games that it has played so far. Thanks to India’s great form, many of these matches were so one-sided that they ended much before the designated time. For instance, on October 29, India bowled out England for 129 runs, much ahead of the schedule. Similarly, the home team bowled out Sri Lanka as well as South Africa for only 55 and 83 runs, respectively, ending the game before time. 

While cricket lovers are surely enjoying Team India’s thrilling performances, what’s with the broadcaster and the advertisers? Does an easy victory for the Indian team impact the broadcaster’s revenue?

According to experts, such one-sided matches may sometimes lead to revenue losses for the broadcaster. 

“In case a match ends early, the broadcaster tries to compensate advertisers by selling slots in other games of the tournament. However, if all, or most of the matches, end early and the broadcaster is not able to offer an appropriate alternative slot to the advertiser, there will surely be an impact on the broadcaster’s revenue,” said a senior executive of a leading broadcaster on the condition of anonymity.  

“But the revenue loss scenario is not very common as the broadcaster usually finds ways to compensate the advertisers. They can offer slots in other games which could be a non-India or India match,” the executive mentioned. 

He further explained, “Broadcasters find ways to engage with their clients in order to ensure that the value is delivered to them while avoiding revenue loss.”

It's a game and nothing is predictable here, said another expert who too wished to remain anonymous.

“There is a contract signed between the broadcaster and the advertisers for instance like these or if the match gets cancelled due to some unforeseen circumstances. Because of the huge viewership during India matches, ad spaces in India matches are premium and significant for marketers. As a result, when the match ends early, the broadcaster suffers a loss. They can offer slots in non-India or India matches, but if advertisers want spots just for India matches, they would only want India matches."

Another senior media planner explained that the fact India matches did not run even 100 overs is a huge loss for the broadcaster. “The prime inventory is in the India matches, and if that wraps up faster, it will surely have an impact-- small or big. It's hard to give a number but it's a loss.”

“India encounters are the most-watched matches. Also, India match rating will be the highest because it's happening in India and advertisers are spending for India. Non- India matches will not give the same ratings as India matches,” He further explained.

e4m has reached out to official ICC World Cup broadcasters Disney Star for an official comment on the matter, but is yet to get a response.