We found the pulse of what can really make ‘do nothing’ tick: Sukesh Nayak

The Chief Creative Officer of Ogilvy India shares the creative process behind Cadbury 5 Star’s quirky campaign #DoNothing

by Team PITCH
Published - November 17, 2022
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We found the pulse of what can really make ‘do nothing’ tick: Sukesh Nayak

Mondelez’s Cadbury 5 Star launched a TVC right after the Diwali season. It was a quirky take on ‘doing nothing’. The tagline for the campaign was ‘When you #DoNothing and the entire world does your work for you’. The idea was every time an app asks for a rating, the five blank stars that appear on the screen would resemble the new 5 Star logo. So the brand was now visible across apps without ‘spending anything’. 

To get more insights on what went into the campaign, we caught up with the creative mind behind the ad - Ogilvy India’s Chief Creative Officer Sukesh Nayak.

Talking about the timing of the campaign, Nayak said, “We are building a narrative. It wanted to sit on the entire festival season traditionally, which is a large investment time. While everyone was investing heavily, as it is a significant season for us, it builds momentum.”

“It is an opted intervention that needs to be done on a brand but we always do a counterculture. We always do things that work on #donothing. While everybody is blowing up so much money, we did nothing. We hijacked the ratings.” he added.

Nayak also mentioned that they were on a tight budget while executing the same and said that he thinks the idea is the king and the fact that different age groups are liking the idea is something great and they are very happy about that. 

“Now you will look at five stars even when I am not there,” he said aptly.