Lenovo India & Intel Evo encourage creators to express ‘boldly’ via tech

The campaign, conceptualised by FCB Kinnect, has a series of videos called ‘Brave New Art’

by Team PITCH
Published - June 05, 2023
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Lenovo India & Intel Evo encourage creators to express ‘boldly’ via tech

Lenovo India, in collaboration with Intel, has launched an exciting new video series called ‘Brave New Art’ that features an eclectic mix of famed creators. They design immersive pieces of art with the help of Lenovo Yoga laptops, powered by the Intel Evo platform. The two-episode series will visually bring alive what technology can do to enable these creators to express themselves more creatively.

The concept of the series is to bring together two creatively diverse artists in one episode– one from a traditional school of thought and the other from a tech-based one. The show has 8-10 minute episodes capturing the behind-the-scenes antics and use of cutting-edge technology in the process of creation. The result is a bold, innovative, and immersive musical experience. The artists featured in the series are Santanu Hazarika (multi-disciplinary visual artist), MC Heam (rapper and producer), Meher Malik (belly dancer), and Prithvi Shetty (graphic designer and music producer).

The campaign has been conceptualized by FCB Kinnect.

Mithun Mukherjee, Executive Creative Director, FCB Kinnect, the creative agency leading this campaign said, “When Lenovo approached us with a creative brief on the Yoga series, we knew there was a lot that we could do. The heart of this campaign is the fact that the creative universe at large is divided broadly into two schools - the analog and the digital. On one side are the unplugged– the brush and the pen, while on the other hand are the electronic producers, the dabblers in AI, and the likes. Considering these schools rarely interact, we conceptualized using Lenovo Yoga as a bridge and making these schools collaborate. Thus, Brave New Art was born. From studying some of the most interesting creators and art exponents to getting them to jam and generate some bold forms of artistic output, there is a lot the viewers can look forward to in the series.”

Speaking about this campaign, Chandrika Jain, Director- Marketing, Lenovo India said, “Lenovo Yoga is a brand committed to supporting the creators’ association and helping artists transform their inspiration into self-expression. The Brave New Art series will celebrate creators from the world of art and technology teaming up to create a unique, new work of art. Our idea with this campaign is to showcase the endless possibilities that can be achieved with these creators when armed with the right, powerful devices.”