Is Influencer Marketing the Next Big Step for Consumer Brands to Sky Shoot Their Sales?

Guest Column: Abhishek Vyas, Founder and CEO, My Haul Store writes how collaborating with influencers, brands can expand their reach and visibility.

by Abhishek Vyas
Published - May 17, 2023
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Is Influencer Marketing the Next Big Step for Consumer Brands to Sky Shoot Their Sales?

Branding refers to the deliberate process of promoting a product or service with the aim of making it a household name among a specific group of people. In the case of D2C or B2C models, consumer brands are products that are well-known and purchased by individual consumers rather than companies. To ensure the success of such branding, it is essential to place consumers at the centre of your branding strategy. With the rise of influencer marketing, it has become even more crucial for consumer brands to leverage this trend to boost their sales. In fact, influencer marketing has already become a significant part of consumer branding.

Influencer marketing is a modern marketing strategy that falls under the umbrella of digital marketing. It involves endorsing a product or service of a brand through social media personalities who have a dedicated following on social media. This collaboration between influencers and brands enables businesses to increase their online visibility and boost sales. With the world heavily relying on the digital landscape, social media has become an essential part of daily life. Monetization through social media platforms and features has become a reality, allowing individuals to create content and earn money. This trend has led to the emergence of a new creator's economy. Companies like My Haul Store play a crucial role in helping businesses leverage the power of influencer marketing and achieve success in the digital age.

In recent times, influencer marketing has emerged as a potentially effective strategy for businesses, especially consumer brands, to promote their products and services. However, the success of this marketing approach depends on several factors. While influencer marketing can undoubtedly help increase sales, it is crucial to integrate it into a broader marketing strategy that prioritises authenticity, relevance, and measurable success. In other words, influencer marketing should be viewed as one tool among many, rather than a standalone solution for boosting sales.

Case Study

Amul, one of India's favourite dairy brands, recently partnered with food bloggers and influencers to promote their new product, 'Amul Fresh Cream'. The brand collaborated with influencers on YouTube and Instagram, creating engaging content that showcased the versatility of the cream in various dishes. By leveraging influencer marketing, Amul was able to reach a wider audience and generate buzz around the new product, driving sales. This campaign serves as a prime example of how influencer marketing can effectively promote consumer brand sales in India.

In addition, Myntra, a leading online fashion retailer in India, used influencer marketing to promote its 'End of Reason Sale' (EORS) campaign. The campaign was successful in driving traffic to the Myntra website and boosting sales during the sale period, with Myntra reporting a 3x increase in sales compared to their average monthly sales during the EORS period.

Another successful campaign is from Lays, a popular snack brand from PepsiCo. Lays partnered with food bloggers and social media influencers to showcase their new flavour, 'Herby Crush'. The influencers created engaging content, including recipe videos and taste tests, which generated a buzz around the product and resulted in a significant increase in sales for the brand. This case study highlights the effectiveness of influencer marketing in promoting new products and engaging with consumers in India.

In today's age of social media and the creator economy, influencer marketing has emerged as a crucial aspect of consumer branding strategies. The ability of influencer marketing to promote products and services in an authentic, relevant, and measurable way has contributed significantly to its success. The case studies mentioned above, including Amul, Myntra, and Lays, serve as prime examples of how influencer marketing has helped boost sales for consumer brands in India. With the help of agencies like My Haul Store, businesses can take their influencer marketing efforts to the next level and achieve measurable success. By partnering with the right influencers and creating engaging content, businesses can effectively promote their products and services to a wider audience, while also building trust and credibility with their customer base.