Web 3.0 is your new marketing vertical, not just a PR gimmick

Guest Column: Yash Kulshresth, Chief Creative Officer, ^atom network, shares a few journey starters for Web 3.0

by Yash Kulshresth
Published - August 01, 2022
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Web 3.0 is your new marketing vertical, not just a PR gimmick

"Let's do something in the Metaverse."
"Should we contact Facebook to do something in the metaverse?"
"Metaverse is all hype. We'll do something when it is necessary."

"Something in the metaverse" is more frustrating to hear than the vintage
"Mazza Nahi Aa Raha". We need to stop somewhere.

Web 3.0 is not about releasing one NFT, opening the world's first public loo in Decentraland or attending a concert only to force your muscles to groove because "Oh, it's so cool!". Maybe it is suitable for some LinkedIn comments, even better as an ice breaker in a pub, but terrible for creating any impact beyond 5 seconds.

But it can be a game changer for your brand if you tweak your organisational structure, deploy the right resources, and, most importantly, don't try to be a cynic. It will change your brand's perception and become a compounding cash cow if done right. No more middlemen
or the monopoly of web 2.0 players.

The big question is, "How do we do that?"

It's not a presentation but a path. Here are a few journey starters for you.

1. It's a new marketing vertical. Get it tattooed. Mind shift matters the most.
2. Hire someone who understands this space better than you. Very important to put them on the same pedestal as your "Digital Head", if not above.
3. Drop the instant gratification. If you help the ecosystem grow, you will grow. Focus on building loyal communities by giving the power back to your consumers. Let them choose what they want to see and share with you.
4. Be consistent. Everything doesn't need to be an extensive advertising campaign. Start with smart contracts. Maybe MOGO into NFTs, followed by your office in Decentraland, gradually shift your ORM, start taking interviews, create industry visits for colleges, test new samples before they hit the shelves, talk to your customers directly, and explore decentralised peer-to-peer technology.
5. Drop a top-notch aesthetically rich NFT twice a quarter to get more traction.
6. Explore partnerships with other brands to grow the ecosystem.

Start with these basics. It will put you on the podium, to say the least.

Or you can ignore what was said above. Get comfortable now.

And quite uncomfortable in 2025, chasing your unstoppable customers on your horse cart.

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