Sixer for OOH: Brands paint the town blue for World Cup

Sectors like Automobile, Consumer Durables, Real Estate, E-commerce have been big on OOH advertising this World Cup season, irrespective of the association with the tournament, shared industry players

by Tanzila Shaikh
Published - November 09, 2023
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Sixer for OOH: Brands paint the town blue for World Cup

The festive season coinciding with the ongoing ICC World Cup has given brands good reason to make the most of the outdoor advertising medium. Going ‘out of the box’, OOH ads have taken new dimensions.

Renault has covered more than 15 airports with outdoor ads, particularly the World Cup venues. Yu Foods wrapped Spice Jet planes with larger-than-life posters of Hardik Pandya. Tata Mutual Fund tweaked the World Cup tagline ‘It takes ONE DAY’ to suit its brand messaging for huge hoardings saying, ‘For your ONE DAY, start investing today’.

According to Dipankar Sanyal, CEO of Platinum Outdoors, “Most importantly, the World Cup coincided with the festive season, which is anyway big outdoors. We have seen an over 20 per cent rise in spending. The World Cup has not been a dampener on OOH spends.”

Haresh Nayak, Founder and CEO, Connect Network Inc., said: “The frequency of campaigns has been robust, reflecting the industry's enthusiasm and engagement. During this World Cup season, the OOH sector has experienced a notable upswing in activity, coinciding with the festive period.”

The ratio of outdoor ads has been around 90 per cent for festive and 10 per cent for World Cup, Nayak shared.

Hit for DOOH

DOOH advertising has seen a phenomenal rise in funding and investment in campaigns, Nayak said. Advertisers are recognising the effectiveness and flexibility of DOOH platforms, and it has led to huge investments in digital campaigns, especially in the metros and more specifically Mumbai, he added.

“This shift from traditional to digital formats has not only increased the reach and engagement of campaigns but has also attracted significant investments, reflecting the growing importance of DOOH in the Indian advertising landscape,” he further said.

DOOH has made a positive impact on OOH, shared Sanyal. Their presence on arterial routes has made it possible for multiple brands to be accommodated at desired locations, which earlier would have restricted the number of players when static was the only form of traditional large-format OOH media, he noted.