How to make happy managers!

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by Neeta Nair
Published - December 08, 2012
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How to make happy managers!

[caption id="attachment_17674" align="alignright" width="260"]Sandip Basu Sandip Basu, MD & CEO, Loop Mobile (India)[/caption] Speaking to IMPACT, the weekly media, marketing & advertising magazine - that celebrated its 8th anniversary lately - from the exchange4media Group, Sandip Basu, MD & CEO, Loop Mobile (India), gives his mantras on how to make happy managers... "The primary duty of leadership is to identify good talent and then unlock their potential. Enabling each individual to be the best they can be at the workplace and in their homes is not a secret mantra - it’s just a mission for every progressive leader of today. "Every professional organisation has a well-articulated Strategic Intent. I allocate disproportionate weightage to those team members who strongly align and dovetail their personal goals with those of the organization. Rewards and recognition follow automatically to those who deliver to the company’s goals. However, as in everything in corporate life, how we get this done is The secret and each company needs to calibrate their rules and policies to adapt to the industry they operate in, the geography they are placed in and indeed their unique organizational culture and goals. "Having articulated my basic beliefs of managing people, here are my Four Pillars for Talent Retention:

  •  Competitive Spirit: Instilling this value ensures that your managers constantly stretch their abilities to the maximum
  •  Team Work & Team Spirit: Inculcating these virtues is critical for the overall health of the company
  •  Growth & Development: Merit-based growth is a basic organizational value and I have observed that with optimal inputs, good managers can be developed into great ones
  •  Fun at work: Happy people make happy and more productive workers. Like they say, when you work hard, you can party hard!"